Trends In IOS Development That Make It A Must Learn Phenomenon

Mobile applications have now become an integral part of the technological ecosystem and is constantly affecting nearly all aspects of our daily lives. 2016 was a foundation for some new advancements in 2016 and finally these advancements are coming into shape in 2017. This change has inspired students to go for iPhone App Development Training in Chandigarh.

There are some really cool advancements and experiments going on with the Apple apps platforms with the ever changing market scenario. It has become more flexible and an open source outlook is going to give the whole development platform more scope to innovate in the near future.

In this article we will take a look at some of the trends in iOS app development that will shape the upcoming year:

IoT- Internet of Things: The phenomenon will spread into most of the consumer this year and there will be a widespread growth in the number of users. IoT is improving and the technology is becoming more sophisticated with the implementation of iOS’ in-house iBeacon technology which adds reliability to the whole advancement.

Apple’s first ever application of beacon-based application in the commercial field was seen during events and in retail industry. Since then it has come a long way to be implemented for personal use in residential spaces. One of the examples being Apple Watch, which has created a lot of buzz among the users and the brand is actively trying to convince the developers to be more game in this space.

Beacon & GPS technologies: Commercial spaces are going a step ahead in their marketing efforts and trying to target customers individually using beacons and GPS technologies. It is expected that after becoming a buzz in the household appliances in past couple of year, this technology will extend the boundaries further.

Automobiles, electronic appliances, and other technologies are now implementing beacon and GPS sensors in their designs. The all new iOS 7 has allowed Apple to set up different interface that will give the device owner the ability to control and manage a wide range of electronic devices in their vicinity. Home automation is a great way to conserve energy and make the home more environment-friendly.

Augmented Reality in iOS Applications: This phenomenon is becoming a spearhead of the iOs apps and uses the GPS technology to a great extent to provide a myriad of services to their users. It is extensively used in gaming industry to change the overall landscape of the same and creating games that can monitor all activities of the users.

In  2017, this technology will become an essential for every app developer out there while the gaming will go 3D and gain importance in everyone’s lives.

Changing Security Dynamics: Augmented reality will change the world of app development for sure, but it will also raise some concerns regarding the security of the users. With more and more activities like finances, home management etc being done from the mobile devices, security will be of prime importance for the users.

Apple devices are known for being reliable and boast a secure hardware, but with their plans to open app development to a larger section, regulations would be required to have added security to mobile apps.

iOS for Commercial Uses: iPad is one device that is used by multiple businesses and enterprises to run their applications. This device has made many leaps by implementing the beacon technology and it has significantly improved the marketing solutions for the users.

With integration of iOS with a wide range of devices like watches, laptops and office devices the share of Apple devices is bound to increase in the coming future. Also, the adoption and implementation of the cloud technology there is a huge scope for iOS secure infrastructure.

Swift becoming a proprietary programming language: Swift has become a prominent name in world of iOS app development and there has been a paradigm shift with developers opting for Swift everyday. They are leaving Objective-C behind and are adapting with the Swift way of programming on the hole. It is an easy platform and is easier to operate & navigate.

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Essential Industrial Training Aspects for a Head-start in IOS Development

iPhone development is the fastest growing platform that is in vogue among the mobile development business. This is one of the reasons iphone development is a very promising career option having a good market. Enrolling in a reputed IT company in Chandigarh for six month industrial training can help you become accustomed with all the technical aspects of the iphone development.


The popularity and demand for the apple devices, including Ipad, Ipod and iphone is enormous. There are many job opportunities in IOS development in the entry level as well as expert level. The scope is great:

  •   Good salary package
  •   Promising career growth
  •   Numerous work opportunities
  •   Demanding and popular field


With the increasing popularity of the Iphones, the requirement for new and innovative applications is increasing. And for that, every organization is on steady hunt for ios developers who can create unique applications. About ten million customers use apple mobile products, which is this profession is in high demand. Any company that want to reach a wide amount of customer base need iOS experts who can create custom solutions for their brand.



Swift is the programming language used for the development of iOS applications. For having an entry level skills, you need to know basics of this language, including basic syntax, error handling, Optionals, Classes, Initialization, Inheritance, and Objective-C interoperability.

Spatial Reasoning:
The ability to visualize in 3D and being able to imagine the spatial relations between objects important, when the interfaces for iOS devices is designed. For that, you need to have a good understanding of the types of inputs available and controls for various platforms. You also need to have full knowledge and user experience about the devices you are creating applications for.

Design Guidelines:
Successful iOS apps can be made only if they are developed according to the design guidelines. These elements need to be considered in accordance with the strict guidelines:

  • Storage of data
  • User interface
  • Design patterns

You need to learn model view controller, which is considered a cornerstone of every iOS. It defines the way data is stored, displayed to the user and the updation is done. The delegate pattern passes the data among objects in Cocoa. Also, having good understanding of how to send and receive data using the network.

Core Data

One of the most essential framework used for Apple devices, Core Data is the framework that stores and manages data on Apple devices. iOS developers should have a good knowledge of core data.

Grand Central Dispatch:

Also known as GCD, it allows you to run multiple tasks at one time, maintaining the concurrency of data. Pulling information from the network, displaying, reading touch inputs, all at one time can slow the device or altogether crash it. For easing that, grand central dispatch is used.


Go for the industrial training for six months from a well known IT company that can provide you with good instructors with latest training methodology. A reputed company can help you get good placements afterwards and create a good starting ground for you to develop a successful career in this field. Make sure to check their:

Training Methods:

Ask them if they cover all the topics required in the iOS and teach them with good technical reference. Do they use video tutorials, presentations and audio podcasts to teach the complex topics?

Trained Instructors:

The instructors teaching should be trained professionals having good experience in iphone development. You would be able to learn advanced techniques and latest trends in the iOS development.

Benefits Of Enrolling In PHP Industrial Training

PHP web development has become really popular in today’s aspiring developers. PHP web development service is used to develop approximately twenty five million websites and you can easily create dynamic websites and many other types of web development like CMS, shopping portals, web calendars and many more services. These myriads of advantages make it the most favored framework today. Following are some of the reasons why you should go for PHP industrial training:

Effective Framework:

PHP can be utilized in the development of any web solution. It is used for the development of websites that have heavy traffic load. Websites like Facebook and wikipedia have been made with PHP.

Comprehensible Syntax And Coding:

It is easy to learn and implement. HTML coding along with C and C++ is used in the PHP.

Runs On Multi- platform:

Social media websites and e-commerce websites operate easily on all kinds of devices and platforms and it can run on MAC, UNIX, Linux, Windows operating systems.

It Is Open Source:

One of the best things about PHP web development is that it is open source. The components of PHP free and is frequently updated by developers around the world.

Good Security:
PHP can be used to create websites that with high security. The website can be protected against hacking and malicious attacks of virus. Wherever online billing and transaction have to be done, highly secure websites are created using PHP.

These are the reasons why PHP programmers are in high demand. The cutting edge web services can be created using this wonderful framework.

Soft System Solution provide 6 weeks /6 months industrial training in Chandigarh for PHP. The training candidates are given theoretical and practical lessons and are taught advanced techniques and tools used in this industry. And live projects given to students help them to get proper exposure they need to work in professional environment and have wonderful opportunities for their careers.

Factors That Increased Career Opportunities In iPhone Development

Careers in the IT industry has evolved to a whole new level with many new fields and sectors. iPhone development is one of these many fields that have many new and exciting job opportunities. But, what made it a rewarding field? Why this career option is increasing popular among people?

Here are the major factors that increased career opportunities in iPhone development.

Increasing number of iPhone users all around the world – The number of iPhone users is increasing rapidly all around the world. In the past few years, users of this brand and phone have almost doubled in numbers, which in result has increased the number of job opportunities in this field.

Increasing popularity of iPhone apps – As the number of users increase, the popularity of iPhone applications elevates too. Whether it is a game, a utility application or any other, these apps are getting quite popular among people. And with that increases the career opportunities for iPhone developers.

Launch of Swift Language – The launch of Swift language has changed a lot in this field as the development of iPhone apps got easier and quicker. This is the reason why many candidates are opting for this career now. Swift language has made application development faster and easier to learn.

However, the first step to enter this profession is training. You need to complete iPhone Development training in order to get essential knowledge and practical experience. And, for that purpose, you need to find a noted company. With that, you can ensure that you get quality training from professional instructors to build a strong foundation for your career.

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Looking for a PHP training Institute? Tips to Follow

Almost all the websites that we come across are built using PHP. So, PHP is an important programming language that an individual needs to be good at, in case they are planning a future as a successful web designer and developer.

However, one needs to undergo proper PHP training to excel in this field. The popularity of this field is growing day by day. So, for quality PHP training, you need to look for an institute that can train you on all the aspects related to PHP programming language.

Here are some of the tips that can help you to choose the best PHP training institute in your area.

  • Check the track record of the institute- You will find a number of PHP training institutes but choosing the best one is quite a difficult task. So, make sure to check the accreditations of the institute, their year of establishment, know about the faculty members and the total number of students that have passed out. Make sure that the institute you choose is authentic and has a strong record of accomplishment.

  • Communicate with the faculty members- Interact with the faculty and other staff members of the institute. Know about their qualification, experience, achievements, and their skill sets.

  • Evaluate the placement mechanism- These days, the training institutes also provide placement assistance and also have tie ups with some of the reputed IT companies in the region. So, make sure to choose an institute that ensures to provide placement in a good company after the completion of the training period. You can check the placement statistics of the institutes and know about the companies with which they have tie ups.

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Few Benefits of PHP Industrial Training

PHP is one of the most common languages used for web development and web application. One of the biggest examples of PHP language is “Facebook”, a world famous social media platform that is developed using PHP language.

PHP, also known as Hypertext Preprocessor is a full featured language that free and easy to learn and use. It companies, whether big or small are dependent on this language.

So, if you are willing to make a career as a professional PHP developer, it is important for you to undergo proper training. You can avail a number of benefits through proper training.

Some of the main benefits are-

  • More job opportunities- Because of the increase demand of PHP professionals, there are a number of job opportunities in this filed. The training opens doors for new career opportunities. However, make sure you have the desired skills and knowledge that are necessary to become a PHP developer.
  • Prepare you for the IT world-These days, there is a tough competition in the IT world. So, the training prepare you to deal with all the private groups and help you to get ahead in the competitive world of IT.
  • Successful career option- Because of the huge demand of PHP developers, a number of students these days are choosing PHP training as a successful career option. Students can choose from six weeks PHPO industrial training or six months training program.

However, make sure to choose reputed training institute in your area. These days, there are a number of PHP training institutes available. Soft system solution is recognized training institute in Chandigarh that provides a comprehensive 6 months or 6 weeks PHP industrial training to the students.

Trainees are given an opportunity to work on live projects as well as attend theoretical classes.

The Top Qualities of a Successful iPhone Application

A successful company is one that develops successful applications. iPhone and android has created a huge market of mobile apps. There are some essential characteristics of mobile apps. iPhone applications is a large field and is growing enormously everywhere. It has also created new opportunities for startup businesses and introduced new technologies.

If these mobile apps are used wisely, it would be really useful when seen on the service design level. There are a few qualities that the mobile app for your business should have, only then it will be successful in no time. So, let us take a look at some of the best qualities:

  • Approachable: Approachability or accessibility is an essential trait of a mobile app. An excellent application can be used any time at any place it will be readily available.
  • Device compatibility: The variety of gadgets is increasing with the rise in competition and every company is thinking of launching something innovative. With the constantly evolving various types iPhone, it becomes important to ensure that the application runs smoothly on all the existing as well as upcoming devices.
  • Good design: Your application should have a good design. A user should like your app or else they will switch to your competitor’s app.
  • Easy: People tend to delete the app, even if it looks great if they are not comfortable using it. To increase the browsing experience, you should focus the navigation and make it user friendly.
  • Quick: The application should be quickly accessible. The mobile application made for your business should open quickly, so that no user will have to wait till the app gets opened.
  • Unique: A copied design or content is not at all attractive for the users. You have to look for fresh ideas and use them for the uniqueness of your app.
  • Localization: For a stunning mobile app, localize info and the opportunity to provide position based information is important. It thus embeds the app according to user context.

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Criteria To Be Verified For Choosing A Company For Industrial Training

The bachelor of technology is incomplete without the industrial training, so training institute plays an important role in shaping your career and choosing the right company for the training is an essential task.

Considering the vast number of training centres and companies that provide training, it has become a rather challenging task. Here are few tips you can follow for selecting the training center you are going to use:

  • The Number Of Courses Available:

The most important factor is the availability of different options. The number of courses they provide and what syllabus they cover up in those courses is an important factor that you must know before you select the company you are interested in joining. Request for briefing for each course and ask them if they provide live session for projects.

  • Experienced Trainers:

The teachers of the company should be adequately experienced in their fields and have proper exposure to the current techniques and tricks used in that industry. The quality of the trainer is what decides how much you will actually learn. So make to check on the faculty as well as the faculty trainees ratio.

  • Job Assurance:

The company you are interested in, should have a placement program. If the company has some job assurance and other placement option available, then that company is the right direction for your future.

These following factors are the crucial aspects that you must check out before you become a part of some institute for your technical grooming. Go for well known companies like Soft System Solution, which offer extensive range of training courses.

They have well trained professionals who teach you the theoretical and practical aspects of the respective specialization and provide you with live projects to work on, thus sharpening your skills to perfection in order to make you the expert in the field.

What are the Benefits of Learning PHP Programming Language over other Languages

There are many scripting languages developers can choose from for building applications like ASP, PHP, JPS, Perl etc. There is no language in comparison to the popularity of PHP. It’s used for Word press development and face book even utilizes PHP for their site. Thus, PHP is at a certain level in terms of popularity. Apart from its popularity, there are many benefits of learning PHP over other languages.

Here are a few of them

  • Simple and easy to learn: PHP scripting is one of the easiest scripting languages to learn for developers. As this language is quite similar to C and Java language. Picking up PHP is also easy even if you have a little knowledge of HTML. PHP is often the first scripting language developers learn because it’s clear and easy to understand.

  • Support: Since PHP is widely used, finding documentation for PHP is extremely easy. The support is free through forums, PDFs, blogs, and social media.

  • Freedom: When comparing PHP to other languages, there is high level of freedom.

PHP is not specific for any particular OS. You can run PHP on:

  • Linux

  • Windows

  • Mac OSX

  • UNIX

  • Integration

PHP is used for so many web applications. Almost all the industries use PHP applications like fashion including banks, corporations, hospitals, and government.

  • Easier to fix problems

Some issue will surely arise when it comes to web application development. But the benefit you get with PHP is that problems are not as difficult to find and fix as they are with other languages. Because, PHP cleans up and starts over with each request.

There are companies that offer PHP training with hands on experience. Soft System Solution, an IT company, has designed comprehensive PHP training course in Chandigarh. They give opportunity to trainees to work on live projects and theoretical sessions from experienced professional developers.