Trends In IOS Development That Make It A Must Learn Phenomenon

Mobile applications have now become an integral part of the technological ecosystem and is constantly affecting nearly all aspects of our daily lives. 2016 was a foundation for some new advancements in 2016 and finally these advancements are coming into shape in 2017. This change has inspired students to go for iPhone App Development Training in Chandigarh.

There are some really cool advancements and experiments going on with the Apple apps platforms with the ever changing market scenario. It has become more flexible and an open source outlook is going to give the whole development platform more scope to innovate in the near future.

In this article we will take a look at some of the trends in iOS app development that will shape the upcoming year:

IoT- Internet of Things: The phenomenon will spread into most of the consumer this year and there will be a widespread growth in the number of users. IoT is improving and the technology is becoming more sophisticated with the implementation of iOS’ in-house iBeacon technology which adds reliability to the whole advancement.

Apple’s first ever application of beacon-based application in the commercial field was seen during events and in retail industry. Since then it has come a long way to be implemented for personal use in residential spaces. One of the examples being Apple Watch, which has created a lot of buzz among the users and the brand is actively trying to convince the developers to be more game in this space.

Beacon & GPS technologies: Commercial spaces are going a step ahead in their marketing efforts and trying to target customers individually using beacons and GPS technologies. It is expected that after becoming a buzz in the household appliances in past couple of year, this technology will extend the boundaries further.

Automobiles, electronic appliances, and other technologies are now implementing beacon and GPS sensors in their designs. The all new iOS 7 has allowed Apple to set up different interface that will give the device owner the ability to control and manage a wide range of electronic devices in their vicinity. Home automation is a great way to conserve energy and make the home more environment-friendly.

Augmented Reality in iOS Applications: This phenomenon is becoming a spearhead of the iOs apps and uses the GPS technology to a great extent to provide a myriad of services to their users. It is extensively used in gaming industry to change the overall landscape of the same and creating games that can monitor all activities of the users.

In  2017, this technology will become an essential for every app developer out there while the gaming will go 3D and gain importance in everyone’s lives.

Changing Security Dynamics: Augmented reality will change the world of app development for sure, but it will also raise some concerns regarding the security of the users. With more and more activities like finances, home management etc being done from the mobile devices, security will be of prime importance for the users.

Apple devices are known for being reliable and boast a secure hardware, but with their plans to open app development to a larger section, regulations would be required to have added security to mobile apps.

iOS for Commercial Uses: iPad is one device that is used by multiple businesses and enterprises to run their applications. This device has made many leaps by implementing the beacon technology and it has significantly improved the marketing solutions for the users.

With integration of iOS with a wide range of devices like watches, laptops and office devices the share of Apple devices is bound to increase in the coming future. Also, the adoption and implementation of the cloud technology there is a huge scope for iOS secure infrastructure.

Swift becoming a proprietary programming language: Swift has become a prominent name in world of iOS app development and there has been a paradigm shift with developers opting for Swift everyday. They are leaving Objective-C behind and are adapting with the Swift way of programming on the hole. It is an easy platform and is easier to operate & navigate.

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